Election 2021 – Run for the Office of Catholic School Trustee

Last Edit: June 4, 2021

Running for Office

The Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD), legally known as the Holy Family Catholic Separate School Division (HFCSSD), promotes and encourages its citizens to run for the Office of the Catholic School Trustee. HFCRD is committed to providing an environment that will give all candidates fair access to the electorate.

Who are Trustees and Why are They Important?

As locally-elected representatives of the public, individual trustees are accountable to their constituents and responsible for overseeing and directing the school division’s operations.  Trustees form the governing body of the School Board and play a vital role as communicators, policy makers, role models and politicians.  A trustee participates in making decisions that benefit the entire Division while representing the views of their constituents and communicates board decisions back to their constituents. 

Catholic school trustees also play an integral role as advocates for Catholic education by ensuring students receive an education permeated by our Catholic faith. As governors of an Alberta Catholic school division, our Board of Trustees is accountable to both the Archbishop of Grouard-McLennan and Minister of Education.

What is the Role of a Catholic School Trustee?

  • Trustees act to defend and advocate for government policy, legislation and funding that protects the distinctive nature of Catholic education.
  • Trustees build significant partnerships within and beyond the Catholic community in support of Catholic education.
Goal Setter: 

The Board of Trustees has responsibility to:

  • approve the Division’s Plan for Continuous Growth;
  • approve the Division’s annual budget;
  • approved the Division’s Capital Plan;
  • support our Division’s mission and vision; and
  • appoint, hold accountable, and support the Superintendent.
Policy Maker: 
  • Trustees develop and maintain policies, regularly evaluate the impact and effectiveness of these policies, and make adjustments where necessary.
Role Model:
  • Trustees maintain a positive image locally, provincially and nationally.

Who can Become a Catholic School Trustee Candidate?

To register as a candidate in the 2021 HFCRD general election, you must be eligible to vote. This means you must be:

  • At least 18 years old
  • A Canadian citizen; and
  • A resident of an HFCRD ward for the six consecutive months immediately before Nomination Day (September 20, 2021)

Candidates seeking trusteeship for HFCRD must also be of the Catholic faith.

Candidates may not be an employee, in any capacity, of HFCRD unless they take a leave of absence.  

There may be other reasons an individual is ineligible to register as a candidate. You can find detailed information in sections 21-24 of the Local Authorities Election Act.

If you wish to register as a Holy Family Catholic Regional Division, legally known as Holy Family Catholic Separate School Division Catholic School Trustee candidate, you are encouraged to review sections 4(4) and 74 of the Education Act.

Important Dates

Nominations will be accepted from January 1, 2021 to until noon on Nomination Day Monday September 20, 2021. Candidates must drop off their filled nomination form and candidate information form in person at one of the drop off locations listed below.

The general election will take place on Monday October 18, 2021. 


Catholic School Trustee Positions

HFCRD will have seven (7) Catholic School Trustee positions available in the following wards:

Ward 1 – High Prairie
One (1) Catholic School Trustee

Ward 2 – McLennan
One (1) Catholic School Trustee

Ward 3 – Valleyview
One (1) Catholic School Trustee

Ward 4 Sub 1 – Manning/Fort Vermilion
One (1) Catholic School Trustee

Ward 4 Sub 2 – Grimshaw
One (1) Catholic School Trustee

Ward 4 Sub 3 – Peace River/Nampa
Two (2) Catholic School Trustees

Please note that 2 Trustee positions are appointed.

Nomination Forms

Candidates must fill out both forms below and drop them off at any of the locations listed below.

Form 4 Nomination Form and Candidate Acceptance

Form 5 Candidate Information Form 


Nomination Drop Off Locations

Candidates can drop off their filled nomination forms at any of the locations listed below during regular office hours. Candidates are encouraged to call ahead to make an appointment with the Returning Officer or Deputy Returning Officer. Candidates can drop off their filled nomination forms at any of the following locations:

HFCRD Central Office
10307-99 St
Peace River, AB
(780) 624-3956
Contact: Returning Officer Nicholas Masvikeni 

Rosary School
505 River St. SE
Manning, AB
(780) 836-3625
Contact: Principal Laurie Goyetche 

Holy Family School
4412-50 St. A
Grimshaw, AB
(780) 332-4550
Contact: Principal Krista Veitch 

Ecole Providence School
3 3 Ave NW
McLennan, AB
(780) 324-3832
Contact: Principal Lauri Goudreault 

St. Andrew’s School
4617-53 Ave
High Prairie, AB
(780) 523-4595
Contact: Principal Marc Lamoureux 

St. Stephen’s School
4301-51 Ave
Valleyview, AB
(780) 524-3562
Contact: Principal Jodie Chisholm 


More Information for Candidates


For more information about 2021 Election, please contact:

Nicholas Masvikeni, Secretary Treasurer & Returning Officer
(780) 624-3956