Fostering Communities of Care

Fostering Communities of Care is an initiative introduced in the HFCRD in 2014 as part of the Division Faith Plan. This initiative is woven into everything we do and influences the teaching in our schools on a day to day basis.

The focus of this initiative is to build Catholic citizenship in students and staff by emphasizing wellness of the whole person – in mind, body and spirit. 

The initiative focuses on three main principles.  We want students to know that:

  1. They are loved, they belong and they matter
  2. They can make choices that affect their life
  3. They have something to offer others

These three principles are guided by the three goals of Communities of Care.

  • Goal 1: Building Catholic Citizens

Prepare oneself and others to be healthy citizens who are contributing members of society and action oriented within their own communities. Build skills and supports to be critical thinkers, empathetic, respectful, value diversity, responsible, resilient, resourceful, self-reliant, collaborative, confident and able to take risks. As citizens we need to continually learn, be adaptable, have role models, experiences and understandings to build them into responsible contributing active Catholic citizens.

  • Goal 2: Building Healthy Relationships

Ongoing awareness to learn and sustain appropriate and healthy personal relationships and identities as supported through catholic teachings. Building continued understandings towards acceptance, tolerance, diversity, and respect.

  • Goal 3: Building Ethical Action

We are encouraged into action and service by building partnerships and providing services in the community, being stewards of faith and of the environment. Global thinking, communication, broader service to the world, and charity at a local, national and international level using community, partnerships, grassroots activities, active involvement, and technology.