GrACE – Grateful Advocates for Catholic Education



The gift of publicly funded Catholic education in Alberta is a true blessing.  As a community, we are called in gratitude, faith and action to ensure that our children and future generations continue to learn and grow in our Catholic schools.


The mission of GrACE is to inspire, invigorate and embolden the spirit of Catholic education in order to unite, engage, educate and communicate with one voice on its behalf.

GrACE is a partnership of stakeholders resolutely committed to Catholic education within the province of Alberta.



GrACE invites all those committed to Catholic education, through the unity of the Holy Spirit, to be advocates and witnesses for our schools’ successes and their future.


In your homes, your neighbourhoods, your schools and your parishes.  Watch for and get involved with your local GrACE team.  Tell your stories of Catholic education.  Let your voice be heard.


Now!  Every day is a celebration of Catholic education.  Let us be grateful for our blessings and commit our support.


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