HFCRD Public Wifi

How to Access Wifi in HFCRD Schools


  • username: HFCRD37\username  (example: HFCRD37\john.doe)
  • password: Same password used to login to your computer at school/office
  • This network will require a valid certificate.  By default your personal device does not have this certificate and you must install it
    • iPhone& One Plus – Click Trust on Certificate. It should come from a server whose certificate was issued by DIVWDCV02.

  • Android & Google Pixel – 
    1. Goto Root Certificate Authority Public Key Folderon your Android device.
      • Download the required Root Certificate (currently DIVWDCV02).  This is done by clicking the three dots by the file name and selecting download.

        • Go to “Settings” and go to “Biometrics and Security”.
    2. Select “Other security settings”
    3. Select “Install from device Storage”
      4. Select the Certificate from list (currently DIVWDCV02) and click “Done”.

Choose a Name for the Certificate.  “Used for” should read “WiFi”. Click OK.

  1. Goto to your WiFi Settings and select the HFCRD37 network.

Select the CA Certificate you just installed.  Enter your credentials (hfcrd37\username) and password.  Click Connect.