St. Stephen’s School Raises Over $8200 for Red Cross, Thanks to Rauri’s Challenge

  Posted: June 21, 2016

Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) warmly congratulates St. Stephen’s School for raising over $8200 for the Red Cross in support of the Fort McMurray wildfire victims.  The incredible donation amount was raised through ice cream sales at the school, community support, and local business’ donations.  The students and staff of St. Stephen’s School were overwhelmed by the community support.

“Thank you to our community for overwhelmingly supporting this worthy cause and being role models for our students,” said Assistant Principal Sandy Campbell.  “The people of Fort McMurray are in need and we are so proud of how our school community has stepped up to support them.”

After the school had raised $1600 through ice cream sales, Grade 2 student Rauri Carroll took matters into his own hands and taught us all a lesson in the power of one person.  Rauri hand wrote a letter to the local Tarpon Energy Services branch, where his father works, and challenged them to match the school’s donations.  Not only did Tarpon Energy Services accept Rauri’s challenge, Valleyview Tarpon staff matched the donation as well for a grand total of $4000.  Further, Valleyview Tarpon Energy Services challenged all Tarpon branches to match the donation; Greg Young, an owner of Tarpon, also accepted Rauri’s challenge by donating $1600 to the Red Cross.  Thank you to Rauri for showing us how one person’s actions can quickly snowball and inspire the community.  Rauri’s challenge inspired his family, his school and his community to come together to support another community in need.

Total Funds Raised:

Ice Cream Sales: $1600
Tarpon Energy Services: $2000
Valleyview Tarpon Energy Services Employees: $2000
Greg Young, Owner of Tarpon: $1600
Rauri’s Grandparents: $1000

Grand Total: $8,200

Special thanks to:

–       Memory Lanes and Will Vredegoor for donating all the ice cream and cones
–       Valleyview IGA and the Bargain Shop for offering large discounts on supplies!

Thank you to the community of Valleyview for supporting St. Stephen’s School’s fundraiser to help the Fort McMurray wildfire victims!