St. Andrew’s Student Catherine Marzotko Scores 100% on Math 30-1 Diploma Exam

  Posted: February 29, 2016

Congratulations to St. Andrew’s School grade 12 student Catherine Marzotko who scored 100% on the Math 30-1 Diploma Exam.  Catherine earned an outstanding 93% course mark, making her total Math 30-1 grade 97%.  She says this accomplishment was thanks to the support of her family and a thorough study plan.

“I studied a lot leading up to the exam by answering practice questions from textbooks.  I was so nervous because I knew I needed to do well to maintain my conditional acceptance at the U of A, but I was more comfortable once I started writing,” said Catherine.  “When I saw my results afterwards, I didn’t believe it at first.  I thought I’d read it wrong.  My dad, who is also my math teacher, called me and we were both in shock!”

Catherine is from High Prairie originally and attended St. Andrew’s School since Kindergarten.  She has been very active within the school and participates in many after-school activities and leadership opportunities.

“We are very proud of Catherine’s accomplishment,” said St. Andrew’s School Principal Marc Lamoureux.  “Throughout her time at St. Andrew’s, Catherine has excelled academically and has been a role model for all those around her.”

Catherine has been conditionally accepted in the Engineering program at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.  We wish Catherine the best in her second semester and in all her future endeavours!