St. Andrew’s School Adds First Aid to Grade 10 Workplace Safety Course

  Posted: April 5, 2016

Congratulations to the 38 St. Andrew’s School grade 10 students, who are the first class at the school to earn their First Aid Certificates through the Workplace Safety Course.  The school expanded the course in the 2015/16 school year to include First Aid Training to give students a tremendous asset to their resumes before they enter the workforce.

“We are very proud of our grade 10 students at St. Andrew’s who earned their First Aid Certificates through this course,” said St. Andrew’s Assistant Principal Linda Vandenberg.  “First Aid certification will make these students more desirable candidates for any field, and having them in our school makes St. Andrew’s an even safer place for everyone.”

The First Aid certification was completed over a three-week period in 40 minute blocks and two days of practical training.  Additionally, students earned one credit toward their high school completion, included in the three credits total earned in the course.

The program also includes Workplace Safety Systems and Job Preparation, and is intended to better prepare students for entering the workforce.

The training will continue to be part of the Workplace Safety Course in the 2016/17 school year.


Congratulations to:

Gina Anderson
Ajee Auger
Jamie Auger
Kennedy Buchan
Destiny Calliou
Dwight Carifelle
Albert Cunningham
Cassidy Chalifoux
Hannah Cottingham
Kyle Frith
Vielka Evardo Martinez
Nolen Forseille
Eric Friesen
Caleb Gauchier
Jade Gauchier
Kassadee Gauchier
Kathleen Gillmor
Darien Giroux
Mason Giroux
Ethan Gladue
Ianjon Halcrow
Trey Hinton-Willier
Daniel Kosak
Carl Lindo
Johnathan Linteris
Brandon Morrison
Bryan Myers
Derian New
Devon Olanski
Dorin Shaw
Amber Sugai
Georgia Willier
Savannah Willier
Randy Winterburn
Roy Verstappen
Jakob Willier