St. Andrew’s Grade 11 Student Ramona Bokhout earns Green Certificate for Sheep Production

  Posted: April 11, 2016

Congratulations to St. Andrew’s School grade 11 student Ramona Bokhout who earned her Green Certificate for Sheep Production in Semester One. Ramona completed the certification outside of her regular studies.

“Ramona has worked very diligently to earn this certification and we are so proud of her accomplishment,” said St. Andrew’s Assistant Principal Linda Vandenberg.  “We encourage all students to pursue any certification in their areas of interest and we are happy to see Ramona doing just that.  This certification is a big step forward towards Ramona’s dream of working with animals.”

The Green Certificate offers several courses in the area of agriculture that are obtained by working at least 100 hours and studying for tests offered at Fairview College. Students interested in this area of learning are encouraged to meet with their guidance counselors or vice principals.

Ramona is furthering her studies by completing her Equine Green Certificate in the hopes of eventually becoming a Veterinarian or Veterinarian Technician.  When both certificates are completed, she will have earned 32 credits toward her High School Diploma.  Congratulations Ramona!