Congratulations Sadie Oberle, Vice Principal of Good Shepherd School

  Posted: May 28, 2021

 The Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) is pleased to announce that Sadie Oberle will be the Vice Principal of Good Shepherd School in Peace River. Sadie, who has been a Teacher at Good Shepherd School since 2013, will commence her new position in September 2021. Sadie is dedicated to creating a positive learning environment for the students of Good Shepherd School.

“Sadie Oberle has become an important part of the Good Shepherd School community who actively contributes to the positive learning environment for students,” said Superintendent Betty Turpin. “We look forward to working with Sadie in her new role, and supporting her as she continues to grow in her faith and her vocation.”

Sadie was born and raised in Peace River and attended Good Shepherd School as a student. Sadie completed her Bachelor’s of Education at the University of Alberta. In 2019, Sadie completed her Master’s in Educational Leadership through Trinity Western University. Sadie has been involved in several school activities in the division. She is a member of Our Lady of Peace Parish and participates in the music ministries at the church.

“I am excited to continue my journey as a leader at Good Shepherd School. I have a passion for learning and am excited to work with the wonderful staff, students, and parents at Good Shepherd School in my new role as Vice-Principal,” said Sadie. “I look forward to taking on a new leadership role and continuing to be part of the Good Shepherd School community.”

HFCRD thanks current Vice Principal Terry Hogan for his many years of service, and wishes him and his family the very best in their future endeavours!