School Bus Driver and First Responders Recognized for their Courageous Actions in December 11th School Bus Collision

  Posted: February 7, 2018

Yesterday, Board Chair Kelly Whalen and Superintendent Betty Turpin recognized School Bus Driver Anna Enns and Glenmary First Responders Clayton Diesel and Amber-Lynn Boone for their courageous actions after the school bus collision on December 11th.  The special ceremony was at Glenmary School in front of all Senior High students at their Semester One Awards Ceremony.

School Bus Driver Anna Enns was driving the school bus from Grimshaw to Peace River on December 11th.  After the school bus was hit by another vehicle, Anna’s quick reaction kept herself and the eleven students on the bus safe.  Instead of panicking, Anna stayed calmed and kept the wheel straight.  Her skilled response ensured that the bus stayed upright.  After the bus came to a stop, she made sure all students were safe and followed all safety procedures.  Then she began the process of notifying all the right people about the collision.

“I personally am amazed by Anna’s composed reaction in such a tense moment.  Any other reaction could have had a very negative outcome,” said Superintendent Betty Turpin.  “I thank Anna from the bottom of my heart for her courage that day.  Her actions kept everyone safe.”

Glenmary First Responders Clayton Diesel and Amber-Lynn Boone also played an important role in keeping students safe after the collision.  After Anna brought the bus safely to a stop, Clayton and Amber-Lynn used the skills they learned as First Responders to examine each student on that bus before the paramedics arrived.

“Clayton and Amber-Lynn did exactly what they were trained to do – they kept everyone calm in such an intense moment, and handled each injury with professionalism.  Their skills were invaluable that day,” said Superintendent Betty Turpin.  “We are very proud that the First Responders program at Glenmary is having a positive effect in the school, and throughout the community.”