Monique Randall Selected to Participate in International DELF Training

  Posted: January 20, 2015

Congratulations to Monique Randall, who is 1 in 5 Canadians selected to attend a prestigious DELF Training in Nantes, France in July 2015.  DELF, the Diplôme d’études en langues francaise, is an international exam recognized by the Ministry of Education in France that tests the level of French proficiency of the exam taker.  Randall has been administrating and assessing DELF exams since their inception in 2007.  After she attends the 2 week training this summer, Randall will become a trainer for teachers in North-Western Alberta who want to administer and assess the exam themselves.

“I appreciate being given this opportunity and I appreciate the supports I have had throughout the years,” said Randall.  “I look forward to starting this new chapter in my career.”  Randall attributes her career’s successes to her ongoing desire to learn new things, her desire to give students opportunities with their language abilities and the ongoing support of administrators and the division.

The French Embassy awards scholarships to deserving participants around the world, with 5 going to Canadians this year.  The balance of Randall’s training expenses, including flights, accommodation and meals, will be paid by the French Language Resource Centre and the Holy Family Catholic Regional Division.

“For me, it was an automatic to choose Monique for this training.  She has excellent leadership skills, is a strong promoter of the French language and is comfortable public speaking,” said Lesley Doell, the French Language Consultant at the French Language Resource Centre, who nominated Randall for the training. “She will get to see a new perspective of this international exam and the value it brings to students in our region.”  Doell further explained that these trainings are usually taught to about 400 trainees representing over 70 countries.

Since she began teaching at Glenmary in 1993, Randall has been heavily involved in the French Immersion curriculum not only within the school, but at a provincial level as well.  She has helped create and assess the provincial French Immersion diploma exams since 2001.  Although she currently works as the school’s Career Counselor, she remains a leader in the French Immersion department, and continues to heavily influence the French Immersion curriculum.

“The high quality of Glenmary’s French Immersion program is a due to Monique’s dedication and commitment to teaching the French language,” said Glenmary School Principal John Wiedrick.  “She is very deserving of this opportunity and we are very lucky to have her at our school.”

Currently, all graduating Glenmary School French Immersion students take the DELF B2 Exam.  Passing this exam allows students the ability to study at any French-speaking university and work in any French-speaking workplace around the world.