Glenmary School to Receive Modernization and CTS Addition, Announces Premier Prentice

  Posted: October 9, 2014

Glenmary School in Peace River will receive a modernization and CTS addition, as announced by Premier Jim Prentice on Wednesday October 8th.  The modernization is needed to upgrade the aging building and to offer additional programming in the school.  The initial funds committed to the project will be used toward an in-depth analysis that will determine the exact needs of the facility and establish the costs for modernization.

“We are so pleased that the Alberta government strives to understand and meet the needs of our Division,” said Superintendent Betty Turpin.  “Glenmary is a fantastic school that simply needs a modernization to offer even more programming and to support this ongoing increase in enrollment.  Our division is so grateful to be receiving just that.”

The modernization is part of Phase 3 of the capital projects in education announced in recent years.  Phase 3 is a $43.2 million commitment to fund 55 new schools and 20 modernizations throughout the province.  To date, the 3 phases have encompassed 230 projects, consisting of new schools and modernizations, including the Grimshaw Schools Shared Facilities Project.

“Alberta’s prosperous future has drawn young families from all over Canada and the world to our province,” said Premier Prentice.  “This government is listening to Albertans and acting quickly to deliver on the priorities of Alberta families and communities.”

The announcement comes at excellent timing for Glenmary School, where enrollment has increased significantly in recent years and is currently at an all-time high of approximately 560 students.  The recent increase in population is due partly to the thriving economy of the Peace River area and the increased supports embedded in the school in recent years.  These supports include intensive career counselling, credit recovery programs, online schooling through Holy Family Cyber High, among many others.  Enrollment projections predict continued growth at the school, with the 2017 graduating class projected at 125 students, the largest class in Glenmary’s history.

To track the status of all school builds and modernizations in the province, visit the School Program Status Report on the Alberta Government website.