Glenmary School Offers First-Ever Welding Program, With Unanimous Support from Board of Trustees

  Posted: June 17, 2016

Throughout April 2016, Glenmary School was pleased to offer its first-ever High School welding program, after the Board of Trustees unanimously voted to financially support the program at their March 15th Regular Board Meeting.  The purpose of the program was to give high school students the opportunity to try welding for perhaps the first time, and encourage them to consider a career in welding.

“Glenmary School is very excited to expand our CTS course offerings and give our students this new opportunity.  Our school is very thankful to the Board of Trustees for their financial support,” said Glenmary School Vice Principal Dominique Jean.  “We’ve heard very positive feedback from students and we hope to offer this program again in the future.”

The program, taught by Journeyman Millwright and Welder Arlen Pahl, began on Tuesday April 5thwith 14 high school students split into two sessions.  Students worked for three hours each day at their own pace and earned one credit for each of the eight modules completed.  Further, students had the opportunity to have their hours count toward the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) Program.

“Students did exceptionally well for beginner welders.  This program will give them a big head start in their careers,” said Instructor Arlen Pahl of Trades Training Initiative (TTI).  “Offering welding in a high school setting gives students one-on-one training, and practical experience before even entering the workforce.”

To give students a real-world welding experience, each class began with a safety meeting and a task hazard assessment.  Students also underwent rigorous safety training at the beginning of the course.  The students had experience on three welding machines, a mig welder, a horizontal band saw, a vertical drill press and with oxy/acetylene cutting. This equipment was used to complete welding coupons in the flat, horizontal, and vertical positions.  Students also fabricated two steel framed picnic tables.

Students worked outside rain or shine and were required to wear full welding attire including a welding helmet, steel-toed boots, and coveralls.  Glenmary School thanks the Canadian Welding Association for donating all welding helmets for the program, Boucher Bros for their donation of lumber for the picnic tables, and to Hypertherm for their donation of a Powermax 45 plasma cutting machine and educational resources, as part of the “Spark Something Great Program.”  These items will be fantastic additions to the TTI tool crib and the CTS cutting modules!