Glenmary School Modernization Officially Breaks Ground

  Posted: August 23, 2016

On Tuesday August 9th, the modernization of Glenmary School began as phase one contractor TH Gust officially broke ground.  As part of phase one, TH Gust is currently moving the school’s portable classrooms to create space for the construction of a 3000 square foot CTS lab that will offer millwrighting, carpentry and welding programs.  This phase of construction is expected to be completed before school starts on September 1st.  The second phase of construction will begin during semester one and will cause as little disruption to students as possible, thanks to the creative timetabling by Glenmary administration.  The 7.5 million dollar total investment in Glenmary School is slated for completion in August 2017.

“We are very pleased that the first phase of construction has begun on schedule and is being completed by a local contractor.  We want this modernization to benefit students and the Peace River community as much as possible,” said Superintendent Betty Turpin.  “This modernization will give students new opportunities that will open many doors in their future careers.  This is a very exciting time for Glenmary School.”

The modernization will bring several new programs to Glenmary students including millwrighting, welding, carpentry and aesthetics.  These new programs will give students the experience they need to make better career decisions after they graduate.  The modernization will also include upgrading the culinary arts lab, art facilities and music room.  The front entrance of the school will have significant modernizations including raising the roof and the relocation of the school office.  There will be significant upgrades to classrooms, foundations, heating systems and to increase energy efficiency throughout the building.  The modernization will update the aging building and create more space for the school’s enrollment increases in recent years.

The tender for the next phases will be put out by Alberta Infrastructure at the end of August and the modernization is scheduled to be completed by August 2017.

Modernization Schedule

Phase 1 – currently underway

  • Move portables
  • Prepare and grade site of CTS lab

Phase 2

  • Create new science labs where staff room and a classroom are currently located
  • Upgrade food studies lab (no food studies classes will be held in semester 1 during construction)
  • Prepare space for addition of large CTS lab where art room is currently located
  • Pour concrete for CTS lab and new school office

Phase 3

  • Create new school office, staff room, and meeting rooms where science classrooms are currently located
  • Build new chapel near front entrance
  • Move in to new science labs where staff room and a classroom are currently located
  • Enlarge front entrance

Phase 4

  • Create aesthetics salon where school office is currently located
  • Modernize washrooms throughout the school

Non-Phased Items (timing at discretion of contractor)

  • Modernize art room at south end of school (art classes will continue throughout the construction process)
  • Upgrade music room, including new practice rooms and adding wheelchair-accessibility
  • Numerous upgrades to the look of the building (flooring and paint)
  • Modernize classroom near staff entrance
  • Modernize library including all new flooring and four break-out rooms for students and their aides (library will remain functional throughout the construction process)
  • Modernize classroom behind drama room, with the latest classroom technology (including a whiteboard wall, interactive television via internet technologies enabling class to class interactions across the world, and full sound technology)