Glenmary School First Responders Making the School Safer for Everyone

  Posted: April 6, 2016

Glenmary School introduced the High School First Responders Program this school year to make the school a safer place.  Nine students have entered the program, and have learned the basic skills necessary to handle all medical emergencies within the school and assess whether medical professionals are needed on scene.  The program, provided by Alberta Health Services, is available in all high schools in the area and organized by EMT and EMS Liaison John Hayes.  The team meets during lunch breaks to review their experiences and plan for the future.  Three team members are on call at a time by carrying pagers during their regular classes.

“As a firefighter, I am so proud to bring this program into our school,” said Glenmary School Teacher and Program Coordinator Patrick Connellan.  “These students have done a fantastic job of keeping our school safer and I know their newly-acquired skills will be used for the rest of their lives.”

When an incident occurs within the school, the three First Responders on call are paged and they immediately leave class.  The First Responders wear fluorescent hats so they are easily identified throughout the school.  Once at the scene, the First Responders assess the situation by assessing the mental and physical state of the patient and determine whether they need to call an ambulance.  To date, the responders have handled four incidences to date, including a student who rolled an ankle and another who hit their head.

“I am so proud to have First Responders in our school.  They have handled all medical emergencies with professionalism beyond their years,” said Principal John Wiedrick.  “I know this training will give them a head start in whatever career they choose.”