Congratulations Glenmary School Grade 12 Award Winners

  Posted: August 18, 2015

Holy Family Catholic Regional Division wishes warm congratulations to the grade 12 award winners of Glenmary School.  The award winners were acknowledged on Friday August 14th with an evening of awards, appetizers and sparkling juices.  Congratulations to the award winners and good luck in all future endeavors!

The 2015 award winners are:

–       Sara Klem earned the highest grade in Social Studies 30-1.  Sara was a passionate Social Studies student who communicated her position well on written work and had an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the key facts and figures that made up the Social 30-1 curriculum.  Sara was unfortunately unable to attend the awards ceremony.

–       Jeremy Goudreault: Jeremy received a $500 scholarship from Baytex Energy, and received top marks in Chemistry 30 and Math 30-1.  Jeremy was a well-rounded student who was a success in the classroom and in the field of athletics and dance.  He is taking Engineering at the University of Alberta in the fall and has also been accepted into the Ukrainian dance troupe Shumka for the upcoming fall season of performances.  Thank you to Shawn Day of Baytex Energy (pictured above) for presenting the scholarship funds to Jeremy!

–       Jesse Kiiskila: Jesse earned the highest mark in ELA 30-2.  Jesse did exceptionally well on his diploma exam achieving the standard of excellence and therefore is a deserving recipient of this award and the $200 scholarship.  Congratulations Jesse!

–       Danika Fox earned top marks in Etudes Sociales 30-2.  Madame Randall was always very impressed with Danika’s engagement in the course and the course material.  She participated daily in the class discussions and added excellent perspective.  Congratulations Danika on receiving this $200 scholarship!

–       Lang MacDougall earned top marks in Math 30-2 and English 30-1.  The unique combination of excellence of both a mathematics course and a humanities shows what a wonderful student and well-rounded young man that Lang is.  Mr. Marceau commented to me that Lang possessed a rare caliber of reading and writing skills for a grade twelve student.  Lang was unfortunately unable to attend the awards ceremony, but we congratulate him on earning an outstanding $400 in scholarships!

–       Stephane Chenard is an exceptional student who achieved a large volume of awards this year.  Stephane earned:

  • The Governor’s General Award for the highest average of any graduate from Glenmary School,
  • The Diploma Honours Excellence Award for the student with the highest average in five 30 level Diploma courses, one of which must be ELA 30-1,
  • The French Language Arts 30-1 Award for the highest mark,
  • 2 awards on the Ivo de Souza Science Award for the highest mark in Biology 30 and Physics 30.

Stephane achieved the standard of excellence on four separate diploma exams, quite a feat and of course makes him a well deserving recipient of all these awards and the $1000 in scholarships.

Congratulations to all award winners!