HFCRD Implements Changes in Response to Accountability Pillar Survey

  Posted: February 10, 2015

Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) schools would like to remind parents and guardians of grade 4, 7 and 10 students that the Accountability Pillar Survey from Alberta Education will soon be in their mailboxes.  Responding to this survey is very important because the results are reviewed by Alberta Education and sent directly to HFCRD administration.  The results are used for education planning, reports on annual education results and for school goal setting.  This survey is an excellent opportunity for parents to give feedback to their local school.  HFCRD strongly believes in listening to our school communities and implementing changes based on the feedback.  HFCRD thanks parents and guardians for responding to the Accountability Pillar Survey.  The feedback submitted to the division is instrumental in the school-planning process.


In many HFCRD schools, the majority of parents wrote responses in the survey about the following 2 areas of growth:

  • Parents said they would like to have more options available to Jr High students
  • Parents said they would like to see an increased emphasis on modeling and promoting active citizenship and respectful, responsible behavior.


Holy Family School – Grimshaw

  • Started a Jr High Student Council that is actively involved in Christian Service Projects and leadership activities in the school
  • Introduced a drama program for Jr. High to expand selection of options available

Rosary School – Manning

  • Brought a counsellor into the school for students with high anxiety
  • Added Robotics, and Modes and Instruction options for Jr. High to expand selection of options available
  • Added guitars to grade 8 and 9 Music classes to expand the Music curriculum

St. Andrew’s School – High Prairie

  • Added work experience through off-campus programs like the dual credit program, participation in the Alberta Skills Competition and a Jr. High trades experience option
  • Encouraging active citizenship by challenging every class to engage in an ethical action project this school year.

Glenmary School – Peace River

  • Implemented option progression in Jr. High so all students take art, drama and digital media.  Exposing students to these options will allow them to make more informed choices in high school and beyond.

Good Shepherd School – Peace River

  • Enhanced Life Skills Programming for grades 4-6
  • Promotion of student leadership displayed during school leadership programs: Project PEACE programs, Grade 6 Healthy Active Team, Grades 4-5 work-related experiences like hot lunch sales, milk sales and school patrol, Grade K-6 charity donation campaigns like food bank drives and Peace Share Lent, Grade 6 Mighty Peace Day participation, and participation in HFCRD’s Learning Fair.

École Providence School – McLennan

  • Implemented a Christian Service Project, whereby students were challenged to live as Christ taught us. If a teacher observed a student preforming a good deed they would receive their name on a footprint which would be posted on our “Walking in Christ’s footprints” bulletin board.
  • Introduced cooing lessons for the grade 5 and 6 students

St. Stephen’s School – Valleyview

  • Collaborated with Sturgeon Lake School to provide extracurricular cultural activities
  • Taken the next step in implementing a PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) Program.  Students are encouraged and rewarded for demonstrating the 5 virtues of Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Empathy.