Kindergarten FAQ

For more information about the Kindergarten program, contact your local school or the HFCRD Central Office at 780-624-3956 or 1-800-285-8712.

Q. How do I register my child?

A. Our easy to use online registration form is now available. Click here to register your child today. Please note that you will require an electronic copy of your child’s birth certificate and baptismal certificate (optional).

Q. How old must my child be to be registered in Kindergarten?

A. In order to register your child in Kindergarten at an HFCRD school, your child must be 5 years old by December 31st of that year.  For example, to register your child in the 2021/22 school year, your child must be 5 by December 31st, 2021.

Q.  Does my child need to be Catholic to attend an HFCRD school?

A. No. All children are welcome to attend any HFCRD school.

Q. How do I arrange bussing for my child?

A. At HFCRD, bussing is provided uniquely at each school since we do not have a transportation department.  Since each school’s transportation needs are unique, please contact your local school for local bussing information.

Q.  Do you have special programming for children with special needs?

A. Yes, children aged 2.5 – 5 years old with special needs can enroll in the PUF Program (Program Unit Funding).  HFCRD strongly believes in supporting each student’s unique needs.  To register your child in the PUF Program, please indicate your request on your child’s registration form.

Q. What day does Kindergarten start?

A. The start date for Kindergarten is different for each school.  Please contact your local school.

Q. What are the school day hours for Kindergarten?

A. The school day hours for Kindergarten are the same as the rest of the school.  Please contact your local school for more information.

Q. Does Kindergarten end earlier in June than the other grades?

A. No, Kindergarten ends at the same time as the rest of the school.

Q. Is there a fee for Kindergarten?

A. No, HFCRD is proud to not charge school fees.

Q. Is French Immersion available in Kindergarten?

A. French Immersion is available at Good Shepherd School in Peace River.