One Month Until NET Ministries Joins HFCRD!

  Posted: September 10, 2018

Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) is pleased welcome the NET Ministries team in exactly one month from today!  Throughout the next month, we will be sharing more information about NET Ministries to engage and educate our school communities about the opportunities that are coming to our schools.  The NET Ministries team will join HFCRD in October 2018 and travel from school to school positively influencing the lives of students for two years.  NET Ministries is a National Evangelization Team consisting of seven young people who will engage our youth and teach them to live for Christ, and challenge them to embrace the Life of the Church.

“We are very excited to welcome NET Ministries to HFCRD. The NET team will host a variety of retreats, youth groups, and family encounters to give school communities the enriching opportunity to grow in their faith,” said Superintendent Betty Turpin.  “We are blessed to have this exciting opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the school, home and parish over the next two years.”

NET Ministries is an international organization that gives young adults the opportunity to live their faith by visiting parishes, schools and faith communities all over the world to help others grow in their faith.  HFCRD is blessed to welcome these seven young missionaries to our school communities!