NET Update: 3 Weeks Until NET Ministries Arrives!

  Posted: September 18, 2018

In preparation for the arrival of NET Ministries, Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) has met with the NET Team who will be evangelizing in our schools for the next year.  Faith Permeation Coordinator John Meagher, Father Nel (Our Lady of Peace Parish) and Father Lawrence (St. James the Major Catholic Church) traveled to the NET Ministries Training Camp at the InterVarsity Circle Square Ranch Big Clear Lake near Arden, Ontario last week to meet the NET team and learn more about the training they are currently undertaking.All NET team members are currently undergoing training for two months before they travel across Canada in October to bring Christ to Canadians. During their training, they have long days full of faith-based learning.  All missionaries learn how to lead retreats, learn more about their faith, how to defend their faith, and how to share their faith.

“After visiting with NET Ministries in person and experiencing the rigorous training these missionaries are completing, I am even more excited about the important role they will play in our division,” said Faith Permeation Coordinator John Meagher.  “I would like to thank NET Ministries for giving us the opportunity to witness the dedication of their organization and of their missionaries.  HFCRD is blessed to welcome them into our schools and into our hearts.”

NET Ministries is a National Evangelization Team who travels all over the world assisting young people to entrust their lives to Christ.  NET Ministries will arrive in Peace River on October 5th and will evangelize in HFCRD schools for two years. During that time, the team will host retreats in schools, and be involved in local parishes by hosting Junior and Senior High Youth Groups, Family Fun Nights, 2-Day ‘Encounters’ and a Family ‘Encounter.’  Specific dates of these events will be shared closer to when NET Ministries arrives.