HFCRD Introduces Fostering Communities of Care to Build Catholic Citizenship

  Posted: September 8, 2014

Holy Family Catholic Regional Division No. 37 (HFCRD) is pleased to introduce Fostering Communities of Care, a 3-year program aiming to implement the Division Faith Plan.  The focus of the Division Faith Plan is to build Catholic citizenship in staff and students by emphasizing wellness of the whole person – in mind, body and spirit.

“We are proud to introduce this comprehensive plan that represents the voices of our students, staff and community,” said Superintendent Betty Turpin.  “We have reviewed surveys from our school communities and data from Alberta Education to create this plan for the coming years.  Sustainable wellness permeated by faith starts at a young age and ingraining its importance in our school communities will enrich their lives.”

The three goals identified for Fostering Communities of Care are:

Goal 1: Building Catholic Citizens

“I am loved, I belong and I matter.”
“I can set goals for myself and achieve them.”

Goal 2: Building Healthy Relationships

“I can make choices that affect my life.”

Goal 3: Building Ethical Action

“I have something to offer others.”

This plan is being supported by the funds received from the Alberta Healthy School Community Wellness Fund.  HFCRD received the $10,000 School District Readiness Grant in 2013 and used these funds to enhance the Division Faith Plan. The planning stage included surveying students, staff and community members.  With the survey feedback, the faith wellness committee developed goals for the implementation phase of the program.  In June 2014, the division received a $50,000 Wellness Implementation Grant, a follow-up grant that is used to implement the plan created in the previous year.  This funding may be renewed in 2015 and 2016.

This grant contributes to HFCRD’s ability to support faith facilitators, coordination, classroom integrated resources, student and staff retreats, enhancing community involvement, and supporting student action and activity groups.