HFCRD Faith Day, Presenting Jesse Manibusan

  Posted: April 9, 2014

Division Faith Day on Monday April 28th:

The day will break apart the lived experience of our Catholic Christian Faith.  Jesse Manibusan will share through story, song and reflection the risk-taking in radically loving one another!  He states that declaration of faith alone does not convey life.  The key is how to manifest faith through the fullness of life and love … being ‘one’ and connected to each other! The division Theme ‘Celebrating the Tenants and Treasures of our Faith’ will be woven into the content of the day.  OPEN MY Eyes LORD promo YOUTUBE

Youth Music Ministry workshop on Monday April 28th 5:00 – 7:30 PM:
GAME CHANGER EVENT WITH THE CATHOLIC NINJA open to students in grades 6-12

“This is going to be a faith-filled, insanely funny and fun evening, you will leave surprised, shocked and inspired, all at the same time. In fact, you won’t know how to describe what you experienced with the friends and classmates that didn’t show up. You’re just going to have to say, “Dude. You should’a been there. Sorry. You missed out.”

Division Gr 7-9 Faith Day on Tuesday, April 29th

The student faith day presents Jesse Manibusan a self-described “52nd degree high octane evangelizer, undercover catechist, and Catholic Ninja.”  Jesse uses the power of music, spoken word, storytelling, skits, humour, reflection and prayer to spread the word of Faith in his exciting high energy presentation. Jesse believes that our mission is to “ Make a positive difference in the lives of young and old in and out to the church; to affirm and inspire, encourage and empower, motivate and challenge each other to live in Christ; where charity compassion, forgiveness hospitality and defending the dignity of all persons AND the care of all creation trumps everything! ”  Jesse Dance-off YOUTUBE promo ( accessible to Division)