St. Andrew’s Saints Raise $4500 for Kelsi Smith

  Posted: October 19, 2017

Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) would like to recognize the St. Andrew’s School community for raising $4509.50 to support St. Andrew’s Saint Kelsi Smith as she goes through cancer treatments.  Kelsi was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in May 2017 and is currently in her 4th of 6 chemotherapy cycle.  St. Andrew’s School’s response is a perfect example of Fostering Communities of Care.

“We knew right away that we wanted to do something for Kelsi and her family.  We wanted a day to come together as a school and to fundraise for Kelsi and her family to help with the many expenses that come with so many trips for treatment,” said event organizer and St. Andrew’s School teacher Joanne Lasher.

The school hosted two events, one for Jr/Sr High students and another for elementary students.  Jr/Sr High raised $2319.25 with Cuts for Kelsi.  Five staff members volunteered to shave their heads or beards for donations.  Mr. Kosak, Mr. Collett and Mr. Baird volunteered to shave their heads and Mr. Johnston and Mr. Poretta volunteered to shave their beards.  Mr. Kosak was the big winner raising $756.60.  Kelsi and her mom were able to join the school on October 6th, and even helped Principal Marc Lamoureux shave some heads.  In true Saints fashion, during the event, more people came forward with donations and they even signed posters for Kelsi for her to read when she needs a boost.

The elementary event raised $2190.25.  The school hosted a mini carnival where students brought in any amount to donate to get 5 tickets to play assorted games.  Students also had the opportunity to win fabulous prizes all donated by staff members.  The school had many volunteers, from cutting tickets, having classes make posters, assisting with games, and preparing games. With the collaboration of staff and volunteers, they were able to create a fun-filled afternoon for everyone. Kelsi was also able to attend the carnival with her mom and grandmother and helped with all of the raffle draws.

“St. Andrew’s would like to thank all of the staff members, community members, and families for donating their time or money to help in our efforts.  We raised $4509.50 that will be presented to the Smith family when they return from their next round of treatments,” said Mrs. Lasher.  “I am very proud to be part of the Saints!”