Jen-Col Construction Ltd. Selected as Contractor for Phase 2 of Glenmary School Modernization

  Posted: December 5, 2016

Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) is pleased to announce that Jen-Col Construction Ltd. has been selected as the contractor for the $7 million Phase 2 of the Glenmary School modernization.  Representatives from HFCRD, Glenmary School and Jen-Col Construction met for the first time on Tuesday November 29th to discuss the construction timeline of the project and its fit into the academic programs at Glenmary School.  Jen-Col staff has already begun inspecting the electrical and mechanical elements of the school and expects to begin construction on December 10th.

“We are very excited to work with Jen-Col Construction throughout the Glenmary School Modernization,” said Betty Turpin, HFCRD Superintendent.  “We are very pleased that Jen-Col has expressed a commitment to support our educational programs by being as least disruptive as possible in the school, and by hiring local contractors whenever feasible.  We look forward to a long term positive relationship with Jen-Col throughout the modernization.”

Jen-Col Construction has extensive experience in construction across the province with both modernizations and new builds.  Jen-Col has experience with many types of buildings – educational, recreational, commercial, municipal, and many others.  The company has been responsible for the construction of many schools.  More specifically, Jen-Col constructed the Mother Teresa Catholic School, Maude Clifford Public School and Community Centre located in Grande Prairie in 2009.  Many of the same management who oversaw the construction in Grande Prairie will be overseeing the Glenmary modernization as well.

The first priority for construction is the transformation of the former staff room into three modern science labs.  Starting December 10th, all construction areas will be secured from students and staff as safety will be a priority throughout.

Phase 2 of the Glenmary School Modernization will include upgrading the art facilities, culinary arts lab and music room.  A new Career Technology Studies lab will be constructed that will provide trades training standard.  The front entrance of the school will have significant modernizations including raising the roof and the relocation of the school office.  Significant upgrades will be done to classrooms, foundations, heating systems and to increase energy efficiency throughout the building.  The modernization will update the aging building and create more space in response to the school’s enrollment increases in recent years.

After the modernization is complete, Glenmary School will be a well-rounded school with a robust course offering including strong academics, arts programs, athletics, and college-level trades courses.  HFCRD is excited to watch the modernization take shape!