HFCRD Students Win at 2017 Robotics Tournament

  Posted: March 6, 2017

Congratulations to the Rosary RUSH and St. Stephen’s RoBros Teams who won at the 2017 Robotics Tournament on Friday February 24th in Fairview.  Rosary RUSH teammates grade 9 student Max Albrecht and grade 8 student Nick Kamieniecki won first place in the sumo competition and the mat cleaning competition.  St. Stephen’s RoBros teammates Riley Voshall and Jayden Badger won silver in the sumo competition.  A total of 19 teams competed in the tournament and HFCRD teams came out on top.

The sumo competition was tournament-style where two robots were placed in the ring, and had to knock the other robot out of the ring or tip it upside down to win the match.  Both teams won four matches to make it to the final.  The final was a competitive and exciting match between the two teams, but Rosary RUSH came out on top.  The mat cleaning competition, also won by the Rosary RUSH required the robots to clear objects off the mat as fast as possible.  The Rosary RUSH’s robot cleared the mat in only 3.12 seconds earning them first place.

“I am so proud of my team who won first place in two categories, said Rosary School Principal Pat Stokes.  “Max and Nick worked very hard to learn robotics and create a robot that would sweep the competition.  These two young men did a fantastic job and I am so proud of this accomplishment.”

Thanks to dedicated staff like Pat Stokes and Kathryn Gauthier, robotics has been offered at Rosary School and St. Stephen’s School as options in the last three years.  As a Career Technology Studies class, robotics has become an integral part of the curriculum for junior high students.  Robotics engages students to challenge themselves with hands-on learning, builds problem solving skills, and grows logical reasoning and thinking skills.  Further, robotics allows students to utilize skills they’ve already learned in science and math.