HFCRD Nominates TELUS World of Science – Edmonton for Award

  Posted: August 21, 2023

The Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) is nominating TELUS World of Science – Edmonton for the Alberta School Board Association’s (ASBA) for its annual Friends of Education Award. HFCRD and TELUS World of Science – Edmonton have been working together since 2021.

“The hands-on approach of TELUS World of Science – Edmonton has their team in our schools doing age-appropriate content with all our students,” says Superintendent Betty Turpin. “Between the fun demonstrations and lessons on things like coding for the children, there are also resources for teachers as well. This is a great partnership and our division is honoured to put this nomination forward.”

TELUS World of Science – Edmonton is mobile, allowing it to bring its programming to rural communities. HFCRD has used the Northern Coding Academy, Science in Motion, and Digital Citizenship workshops, among others.

“Holy Family Catholic Regional Division has been a strong partner in helping the Science Centre to reach students in Alberta’s remote and rural regions,” says Constance Scarlett, President and CEO, TELUS World of Science – Edmonton. “The students and staff of these schools have taught us so much about their connection to the land, and have joined our programs with enthusiasm and positivity. We look forward to a relationship that will continue to benefit their schools for many years to come.”

The successful nominee for Zone 1 will be announced, along with the Edwin Parr nominee, on September 20 at a lunch banquet at the Chateau Nova in Peace River.