HFCRD Celebrates Digital Citizenship Week November 5-9, 2018

  Posted: November 5, 2018

The Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) is thrilled to celebrate Digital Citizenship Week from November 5 to 9, 2018.  With the ever-increasing use of technology, it is more important than ever that we teach our school communities how to conduct themselves online with respect. Throughout this week, we will be sharing information for students, staff, parents and the community so that together our school communities can become more responsible digital citizens.

We encourage teachers and parents to take some time this week to discuss the importance of digital citizenship with our youth.  Below is a list of valuable child-friendly resources:

Interactive Games by Common Sense Education
Family Engagement Resources by Common Sense Education
Colouring Sheets from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

We are challenging all HFCRD families to enter the SCRUB Contest!  HFCRD is challenging all families in our division to SCRUB their Digital Footprint and start a conversation about online privacy as a family.  All HFCRD schools have the handout or you can click here to find the handout.  After completing the handout, a parent/guardian must sign the bottom to indicate that they have completed the activity and return the signed handout to your local school.  All students who complete the activity will have the chance to win special prizes!

Throughout this week, administration at each HFCRD school will visit every classroom to ensure all students are aware of the possible negative consequences of posting online.  Many students post online in a heated moment and do not realize the consequences of their actions. We, together with our administrative teams, are encouraging all students to take a moment and think about the consequences of their actions before posting.  We care about our students and want them instead to talk to someone they trust instead of posting online.

We hope that this initiative will start conversations in all HFCRD schools and among all HFCRD families.

Yours in Christ,

Betty Turpin