HFCRD C2 Committee Update

  Posted: June 9, 2014

The HFCRD Joint C2 Committee on Teacher Workload met on Thursday June 5th to discuss the progress of the committee so far and to determine the next steps for improving teacher efficacy in our division.  Each school division in Alberta has created a Joint C2 Committee in the 2013/2014 school year.  The purpose of the committee is to investigate teacher efficacy across school divisions and make any necessary changes to improve efficacy.  The HFCRD C2 Committee consists of teachers and board members, as mandated by the Assurances for Students Act, and is named after part C and clause 2 of the 2013 Framework Agreement from Alberta Education.

The HFCRD Joint C2 Committee on Teacher Workload was selected to be one of three school divisions in Alberta to present their work at the Joint C2 Collaborative Dialogue Session on April 8th, 2014.  Committee members Trustee Vivianne Gayton, Superintendent Betty Turpin and Glenmary School Principal John Wiedrick travelled to Edmonton for this event.  In attendance were representatives from Alberta Education and from school divisions across the province.

The committee members presented about the many successes of the committee and the steps taken to achieve this success.  The following is a short summary of their presentation, including the steps taken by the committee to date:

1. Review Results of Survey from Certified Staff 

HFCRD teachers identified assessment and prep/collaboration time as having the most effect on teacher efficacy.  Based on the results of this survey, the committee focused its efforts on improving these two areas for teachers.

2. Change in Administrative Procedures

The C2 Committee reviewed every HFCRD Administrative Procedure to identify those that inhibited teacher efficacy.  The procedures identified were amended and then brought to the monthly Principals’ Meetings for approval.  These procedures include:

Procedure 205 Controversial Issues
Procedure 211 Student Services
Procedure 260-2 Co- and Extra- Curricular Activities
Procedure 260-6 Co- and Extra- Curricular Activities
Procedure 260-9 Co- and Extra-Curricular Activities
Procedure 311 Supervision
Procedure 214 Student Services

After researching the best school practices, new forms and practices were also created for HFCRD schools.

3. Division-Wide School Calendar

In response to the request from certified staff for more time for assessment and prep/collaboration time, the C2 Committee spearheaded the initiative to create a common calendar for the first time in the division.

This calendar will give all staff common Professional Collaboration Days.  Teachers will spend these days collaborating with teachers from across the division.  They will have the opportunity to create common assessment practices, and share successful initiatives from the classroom.  This common calendar enhances HFCRD’s ability to offer the same quality education in every school, regardless of its location or size.  HFCRD teachers are always encouraged to collaborate to continuously improve their practices and the practices of their colleagues in order to always do what is best for students.  The new calendar comes at the small cost of $6000 for student transportation.

Next Steps

In the 2014/2015 school year, C2 members will remain in contact with teachers and principals about improving efficacy.  Gathering feedback from HFCRD teachers remains of the utmost importance for the committee.  We will be using feedback to continuously build strength in our division and find areas of improvement.

“This is critical work that is consistent with the framework agreement,” said Terry Wendel of Alberta Education. “Holy Family is doing exemplary work to enhance teacher efficacy across the division.”

“I believe the most important information item I would like to pass along is that our C2 Committee is doing great work in HFCRD,” said C2 Committee Chair and Glenmary School Principal John Wiedrick.  “I am very proud of how action oriented we are and all that we are doing as a team to improve teacher efficacy in HFCRD.”

HFCRD would like to thank the members of the C2 Committee for their leadership in creating these new initiatives: HFCRD Board Chair Dianne Arcand-Lavoie, Trustee Vivianne Gayton, Superintendent Betty Turpin, Alberta Education Representative Terry Wendel, Committee Chair and Glenmary School Principal John Wiedrick, Learning Coach David Stewart, Teacher Walter MacDonald, Teacher Fran Caudron and Communications Coordinator Jody Bekevich.

The February 25th C2 Committee update can be found on our website here:https://hfcrd.ab.ca/div/node/192