Posted: February 25, 2014

The HFCRD Joint C2 Committee on Teachers’ Workload has made great progress in a short time.  The purpose of the committee is to investigate teacher efficacy across the division and make any necessary changes to improve efficacy.  The C2 Committee consists of teachers and board members, as mandated by the Assurances for Students Act, and is named after part C and clause 2 of the 2013 Framework Agreement from Alberta Education.  Through a series of only 3 meetings and a string of emails between committee members, the committee together studied teacher efficacy through the division Administrative Procedures, gathered feedback from HFCRD teachers, and submitted a report to Alberta Education outlining the steps already taken and the next steps for the committee.  Our survey was even mentioned as an example on the Alberta Teachers’ Association website.

What changes are already in effect to improve teacher efficacy?

Our committee has already taken several action steps to improve teacher efficacy across the division, and gather extensive feedback from teachers about improving efficacy.  During the first meeting, the committee read through each Administrative Procedure and identified which procedures were inhibiting teacher efficacy in their opinion.  The following Administrative Procedures have already been brought to and amended if needed at Administrators’ Meetings:

  • Procedure 205 Controversial Issues
  • Procedure 211 Student Services
  • Procedure 260 Co- and Extra- Curricular Activities
  • Procedure 310 Student Safety
  • Procedure 311 Supervision
  • Procedure 350 Student Conduct and Discipline
  • Procedure 240 Student Counselling (to be discussed at Budget Pooling Meeting)

Overall, the committee agreed there is a lack of general understanding of the division expectations around division initiatives and Administrative Procedures.  In response, our committee plans to create a series of short Professional Development sessions for administrators to go through the many Administrative Procedures with certified staff at staff meetings.

How did we conduct our survey?

Our committee created a short, simple survey to give our certified staff the opportunity to voice their opinions.  We received 157 responses, 100% of our certified staff, excluding our certified staff at our division office.  Please note that since all responses were anonymous, we have no definite way of determining whether each teacher responded to the survey.  We only know that 157 surveys were submitted.

What were the results of the survey?

First we asked our teachers to rank the following four items that most impact teacher efficacy with (1 being the most impactful and 4 being the least impactful): Planning of Extra-Curricular Activities, Supervision, Assessment, and Prep Time.  The following table outlines the results:



Items Impacting
Teacher Efficacy



Planning of Extra-Curricular Activities









Prep/Collaboration Time



 **less points = higher effect on teacher efficacy

Our survey respondents ranked Assessment and Prep Time as having the highest effect on teacher efficacy.

The second and third questions asked teachers to give feedback on what currently affects their efficacy as teachers.  Based on the feedback submitted, the committee has created 6 goals:

  1. Refine Assessment Practices
  2. Streamline Extra-Curricular Forms and Procedures
  3. Improve Supervision Practices
  4. Study Ways to Increase Collaboration Time
  5. Eliminate School-Level Factors that Prevent Teachers from Maximizing Student Achievement
  6. Investigate School Level Factors that Impact Teacher Efficacy

The C2 Committee will meet again on Thursday February 27th, 2014 after feedback from Alberta Education has been received.  The complete C2 Committee report submitted to Alberta Education can be found on our website.  HFCRD staff can view the complete list of anonymous survey responses on the Division Common Drive.

For more information about the C2 Committee, please don’t hesitate to contact any member of the committee or your school level administrator.

HFCRD would like to thank the members of the C2 Committee for their hard work and valuable input: HFCRD Board Chair Dianne Arcand-Lavoie, Trustee Vivianne Gayton, Superintendent Betty Turpin, Alberta Education Representative Terry Wendel, Committee Chair and Glenmary School Principal John Wiedrick, Learning Coach David Stewart, Teacher Walter MacDonald, Teacher Fran Caudron and Communications Coordinator Jody Bekevich.