HFCRD Board of Trustees Meets With Minister of Education Jeff Johnson

  Posted: June 24, 2014

The Holy Family Catholic Regional Division No. 37 (HFCRD) Board of Trustees met with the Minister of Education Jeff Johnson on Tuesday June 10th to discuss priority items in HFCRD.  The meeting was part of Minister Johnson’s annual trip to the area to meet with all local school divisions.  The HFCRD Board of Trustees thanks Minister Johnson for annually taking the time to discuss both the highlights and concerns of our division.
“Our division is very happy to have the opportunity to discuss the needs of our schools with Minister Johnson on an annual basis,” said HFCRD Board Chair Dianne Arcand-Lavoie.  “Maintaining a positive relationship with Alberta Education is vital to the success of any school division and this meeting was a reflection of just that.”

Topics of conversation included the Grimshaw Shared School Facility Project, HFCRD’s C2 Committee, closing the gap for FNMI students, the Fort Vermilion Unification Agreement and École Providence School.  The highlights of the meeting are listed below:

      Grimshaw Shared School Facility

  • The project is going well and is a great learning experience for all partners
  • Both school divisions are in the process of considering partnering with the public library
  • CTS space at Glenmary School is limited due to increasing enrollment
  • The possibility of adding grades 10 to 12 at Holy Family School was discussed

C2 Committee

  • HFCRD teachers identified assessment and prep/collaboration time as having the most effect on their efficacy
  • C2 Committee made the following changes in response:
    • Made several changes to administrative procedures
    • Created common school calendar for the 2014/2015 school year to give teachers more opportunities for collaboration

Closing the Gap for FNMI Students

  • HFCRD continues to lower dropout rate
  • HFCRD continues to increase high school completion rate
  • Every school has an FNMI Coordinator
  • Attendance is a priority for student success
    • Supports are in place to ensure student attendance

      Ecole Providence School

  • After community consultations in 2011, the HFCRD Board of Trustees moved to reconfigure the school to Kindergarten to grade 6
  • Enrolment has increased steadily allowing the school to remain open.  There is now no need for the Board to financially support the school.