C2 Committee Update

  Posted: November 7, 2014

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The HFCRD C2 committee met for the first time this school year on October 16th, 2014.  The following is a list of key messages from that meeting:

    1. Fran Caudron has resigned from the committee so she can focus on her new role as a Division Learning Coach.  The committee reviewed their membership and determined it is in the best interest of the committee work to seek out a Division I, female teacher, from Grimshaw or Peace River.  All Division teachers are free to email committee chairperson John Wiedrick and express their interest in being a part of this committee.  However, the committee will be first emailing the staff of Good Shepherd School and Holy Family School encouraging a female teacher in Division I to apply to be part of the committee.
    1. The Committee created an interactive session designed to increase staff awareness of the Collective Agreement.  Staff participation in this session will be voluntary, will take less than ten minutes and can be completed anywhere with internet access.  The committee will distribute the activity once the ATA distributes the finalized copy of the Collective Agreement to the Division.
    1. The committee made plans for further interactive sessions that are designed to increase teachers’ ability to make decisions about workload issues that impact their teacher efficacy.
  1. A revised draft of Administrative Procedure 408 Staff Meetings was created.  Principals will be asking for staff feedback on this document in the coming weeks.

The purpose of the C2 Committee is to research teachers’ tasks and responsibilities across the division and implement strategies that will positively affect teacher efficacy.  The HFCRD C2 Committee consists of teachers and board members, as mandated by the Assurances for Students Act, and is named after part C and clause 2 of the 2013 Framework Agreement from Alberta Education.

For more information about the C2 Commitee and previous updates, please visit the C2 Committee page on our website.