Minister of Education David Eggen Visits St. Stephen’s School & Meets with HFCRD Board of Trustees

  Posted: December 1, 2016

Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) was pleased to welcome the Minister of Education David Eggen to St. Stephen’s School on Wednesday November 30th.  The visit comes after HFCRD was named one of 14 school divisions across the province to participate in the Nutrition Pilot Project announced on November 14th.  Minister Eggen met with the HFCRD Board of Trustees, toured the school and the food preparation facilities, and saw first-hand the many benefits of the Nutrition Pilot Project.  The Minister went out of his way to visit many classrooms, and to speak with as many St. Stephen’s staff and students as possible.

“Thank you to Minister Eggen for meeting with our Board and visiting St. Stephen’s School.  Our division is very grateful to have been selected for the Nutrition Pilot Project at St. Stephen’s School and Holy Family School,” said Board Chair Kelly Whalen.  “Our Board is blessed to work cohesively with the Minister of Education, and we look forward to continuing our positive relationship.”

Minister Eggen spent approximately an hour with the HFCRD Board of Trustees discussing topics such as the Education Act, the Climate Leadership Plan, the Curriculum Review and the government’s brand Future Ready.  HFCRD Trustees also had the opportunity to discuss the many ongoing projects within the division, any current issues and concerns with the Minister.  HFCRD Trustees appreciated the opportunity to meet directly with Minister Eggen.  The conversation was very relaxed and Minister Eggen was very interested in learning more about HFCRD.

Before Minister Eggen’s departure, Grade 4 students presented him with thank you gifts on behalf of the school.  They asked students their thoughts about the new lunch program, and included their responses in a personalized “Book of Gratitude” for the Minister.  Additionally, they gave the Minister a wooden pen that was created by a grade nine student in the school’s woodworking class.

Some quotes from students include:

“It saves money for the things that we need to pay for like the bills.”   – Grade 5

“Thank you so I don’t have to make my lunch any more.”   – Grade 3

“The lunch is very good.” – Grade 2

“Thank you for all this food you provided for us because my kookum doesn’t have that much money to buy food. Thank you for the chocolate milk.”   – Grade 5

“It saves money so my kookum doesn’t have to buy groceries and can save money for important things like bills.”   – Grade 5

HFCRD thanks Minister Eggen for a wonderful visit and we look forward to working with him further in the future.  HFCRD staff and students feel blessed to be part of the Nutrition Pilot Program.