HFCRD Welcomes Minister of Education David Eggen to Holy Family School

  Posted: October 26, 2017

The Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) was pleased to welcome Minister of Education David Eggen to Holy Family School in Grimshaw this morning.  Minister Eggen toured the school for the first time, met two of HFCRD’s new Trustees, and mingled with staff and students throughout the school.  The tour focused on the many features in the facility, including the innovative furniture throughout the school, the playground which was fundraised by the Mile Zero Playground Society and supported through provincial grants, and the shared community spaces including the public library, community theatre and Career Technology Spaces.

A group of grade four students presented Minister Eggen with a thank you gift on behalf of the whole school.  They told Minister Eggen how much they love their new school and thanked him personally for the government’s support.  They gave Minister Eggen a book filled with quotes written by students from grades K-9 about what they like about the new school and the nutrition program.

“We were very happy to tour Minister Eggen through the new Holy Family School for the first time,” said new Ward 4 Sub 2 Grimshaw Trustee George Chuckvar.  “We are thrilled that this beautiful facility is now complete and we look forward to many successful years here. The nutrition program provides daily breakfasts for grades K-6 students in our school, ensuring that students can focus solely on learning.  Our school division and the Holy Family School community are very grateful.”

The facility was supported by the provincial government in many ways – through grants for the playground, theatre seating and the school buildings.

Holy Family School was also selected to participate in the provincially-funded nutrition program.  The program, which was announced in fall 2016, provides breakfast for every student from grades K – 6 every morning.  Minister Eggen was pleased to see this program operating successfully within the school.

The Grimshaw Shared School Facility includes two schools, a public library, a community theatre, and two Career Technology Spaces, and is attached to the Mile Zero Regional Multiplex in Grimshaw.  The visit was part of Minister Eggen’s regional visit with a total of three school divisions, which included a visit to both public and Catholic schools in the Grimshaw Shared School Facility and attending the Northland School Division’s new Board of Trustees ceremony.