HFCRD Board of Trustees Seeks Preliminary Feedback Regarding Possible Name Change and School Expansion of Holy Family School

  Posted: November 26, 2014

The Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) Board of Trustees is seeking preliminary feedback from the Grimshaw community regarding the possible name change and the possible addition of high school to Holy Family School when the new facility is built in 2016.  These changes are under consideration in response to requests from community members.  Before entering serious discussions or making any decisions regarding these issues, the board is gathering community feedback in order to make the most informed decision possible.

The board is requesting feedback regarding these two important questions:

    1. The HFCRD Board of Trustees is considering the possibility of changing the name of Holy Family School when the new facility is built.
      Do you support changing the name of the school?
      Why or why not?
  1. The HFCRD Board of Trustees is considering expanding the new Holy Family School facility to a Kindergarten to Grade 12 school.
    Do you support the addition of high school to Holy Family School?
    Why or why not?

The survey can be accessed SURVEY CLOSED. Parents/guardians, students, staff, parish and community members are encouraged to give their feedback before Friday December 5th.  Paper copies are also available in the Holy Family School office.

“We want all community members to know that no decisions have been made. In order to make an informed decision, our board feels that asking these questions is important,” said Board Chair Dianne Arcand-Lavoie.  “We strongly encourage stakeholders to answer this survey since community feedback will be a major factor in influencing the board’s decisions.”

Local Trustees will be in attendance at the November 26th and 27th Parent Teacher Interviews from 4:30pm to 7:30pm to seek further feedback from the community.  Community members are encouraged to visit the school those evenings to offer their opinions in person.