Education Week 2020, a Message from Board Chair Kelly Whalen

  Posted: April 27, 2020

This week we are celebrating Education Week at HFCRD! This year’s theme is Learning is a Journey. Wow, what a journey this year has been! With this year’s COVID-19 pandemic, I think we would all say we have been on a tremendous journey, and I encourage us all to bring our focus to all the positive things that are happening in our communities. Although we are in a pandemic, our communities have come together like never before. Education Week gives us all an opportunity to reflect on all we have been through together in the past year, and this year especially we must celebrate the many ways that we overcome every obstacle.

I speak on behalf of all HFCRD Trustees when I say that we are very proud of the work done by HFCRD staff. When this pandemic came swiftly and the world felt uncertain, our staff reacted with ease and grace, and quickly transitioned to the new online learning environment. Although I’m sure there were many growing pains, we are proud of how quickly staff learned the new skills they needed in order to provide the best education possible.

Secondly, our families have adjusted to the online learning environment smoothly. Nearly 100% of HFCRD students are regularly staying in contact with their teacher(s) and continuing with their studies from home. I thank our students and their parents/guardians for their dedication to education. I know that this transition was not easy for everyone but your dedication has shined through.

Lastly, I would like to send a special message to our grade 12 students. We know that you have looked forward to your grade 12 year with great anticipation for many years, and we are truly saddened that your memories of your final year of high school will forever be linked with this world-wide pandemic. Please remember grade 12 students that God is always with you. Talk to Him when you are feeling uncertain. You all have many more years of joy-filled life ahead of you and I am confident that you will all overcome every obstacle that comes your way.

I wish you all a wonderful week ahead. God bless!


Kelly Whalen,
Board Chair